Reclaiming my Personal Creations, Inventions – Patented Property!!

A. Absolutely B. Beautiful C. Creator D. Deity E. Eternal F. Father G. Good H. Heaven I. Infinite J. Just K. Kinetic L. Love M. Mind N. Nebula O. Operator P. Person/Pattern Q. Quascientry R. Reality S. Spirit T. Translator U. Universal V. Victor W. Wonder X. – Y. ‘ Z.`

= The First Transistor, Semi-conductor, Electronic Circuit & Computer (Pattern Creator) Was Created by Chris Dwaine Christensen – (Majestone of Paradise)
– for the purpose of creating the perfect patterns (templates) for material designs – forms, bodies, spheres, worlds, nebulas, suns, galaxies, brains, anatomy, co-creation, creatures, family, friends, sons & daughters, and also protectors, preservers, defenders & guardians….Angels.

I Am Back to reclaim my Patented & Copyright protected invention(s) of the Computer and many other things. I AM “WEAPON” I will destroy anyone who stands in my way of this judgment and reclaimation of my personal properties!!!

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