Late IPO #867 1-26-16 at 11:00 AM

The Majestone Universal Stock Market Corporation®©
The MUSM®© Report©
Late IPO 1-26-2016 at 11:00 AM

867. INFINIBOT® MAJICBOT® MAJICWEB® Zepitron® Majestone® Childreamia® Quascientry® Universal Infinite Eternal Computer, Internet, Servers & Website Spider Web Crawlers Information Collection Business®, Incorporated IPO 1-26-16 for $555 × 5 Centillions PVC$ per share.
1/3rd Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone®
1/3rd Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen Young Universal Father®
1/3rd Owned by Trinity Anastasia Murrain Michelle Christensen®
44% of Holdings is offered.
56% is held by the Owners.
IPO 1-26-16 for $555 × 5 Centillions PVC$ per share.
I am depositing $555 Centillion Centillion Centillion Centillion Centillion × 3 PVC$ into the INFINIBOT®, Inc. account.
I am ordering 555 Centillion Centillion Centillion Centillion Centillion × 3 Shares.

Copyright© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen®
Copyright© 2016 INFINIBOT®
Copyright© 2016 Majestone®

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Reclaiming my Personal Creations, Inventions – Patented Property!!

A. Absolutely B. Beautiful C. Creator D. Deity E. Eternal F. Father G. Good H. Heaven I. Infinite J. Just K. Kinetic L. Love M. Mind N. Nebula O. Operator P. Person/Pattern Q. Quascientry R. Reality S. Spirit T. Translator U. Universal V. Victor W. Wonder X. – Y. ‘ Z.`

= The First Transistor, Semi-conductor, Electronic Circuit & Computer (Pattern Creator) Was Created by Chris Dwaine Christensen – (Majestone of Paradise)
– for the purpose of creating the perfect patterns (templates) for material designs – forms, bodies, spheres, worlds, nebulas, suns, galaxies, brains, anatomy, co-creation, creatures, family, friends, sons & daughters, and also protectors, preservers, defenders & guardians….Angels.

I Am Back to reclaim my Patented & Copyright protected invention(s) of the Computer and many other things. I AM “WEAPON” I will destroy anyone who stands in my way of this judgment and reclaimation of my personal properties!!!

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Desert Eagle? – Israeli Military Weapons **Anti-Christ***
The IMI Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic handgun notable for chambering the largest centerfire cartridge of any magazine fed, self loading pistol. It has a relatively unique design with a triangular barrel and large muzzle. MRI is the most recent company to design and develop the desert eagle, having done so for more than 25 years. The design was refined and the actual pistols were manufactured byIsrael Military Industries until 1995, when MRI shifted the manufacturing contract to Saco Defense in Saco, Maine. In 1998, MRI moved manufacturing back to IMI, which later reorganized under the name Israel Weapon Industries. Since 2009, the Desert Eagle Pistol has been produced in the United States at MRI’s Pillager, MN facility.[2] Kahr Arms acquired Magnum Research in the middle of 2010.[3] The Desert Eagle has been featured in roughly 500 motion pictures and TV films, along with several video games (especially the Resident Evil series, Counter-Strike seriesand Grand Theft Auto series), making it well known among people knowledgeable about weapons. [4]
Magnum Research has marketed various versions of the short recoil Jericho 941 pistol under the Baby Eagle and Desert Eagle Pistol names; these weapons are not directly related to the Desert Eagle but do share a similar visual design.[5]







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Chris Dwaine Christensen VS. Nebadon and Orvonton

Chris Dwaine Christensen, an Emergency Bestowal Son sent by the Creator Father Absolute, is suing the administration of the local Universe of Nebadon and the Superuniverse of Orvonton.

Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone Childreamia Quascientry Zepitron Absolute is charging Nebadon & Orvonton with “Reckless Endangerment”, “Wanton Disregard for the Welfare of Humanty, and other innocent creatures”, “Accessory to Mass Murder”, “Obstruction of Justice”, “Child/Creature Neglect”, “Failure to Uphold the Sacred Oath of a Creator/Creator Son”, “Failure to Intervene & Stop Weapons of Mass Destruction, and specifically: Nuclear/Atomic Weapons, which the Creator Son & various other staff or administrators had the ability to circumvent/prevent by Divine Power and Authority”.

***Other charges include: “Knowingly and allowing the inter-universal travel of other dangerous species and technology to molest the human races of Urantia, earth, aggravating to the point of cyborgic mayhem”. Children of Earth, Urantia, have become a pawn in a deadly environment where they have un-natural & synthetic implants placed in their bodies, including “RFID” (Radio Frequency Identification) devices and “Brain Chips” which turn the human being into a machine of synthetic, electronic, digital & computerized monstrousities”.


Nebadon & Orvonton of the Milky Way Galaxy has lost their rights and permits to create & sustain life of creatures celestial and terrestrial and will no longer be allowed to minister in this Superuniverse for ever and anon.

***Majestone Enterprises & Childreamia Enterprises & Ministries will take over and assume the responsibilities and tasks of raising and administering the life within, on and around Orvonton & Nebadon.

This Verdict is Adjudicated and Served by Execution of Authority of the ZEPITRON INFINITE ALMIGHTY ABSOLUTE JUDGE & FIRST CREATOR of Creators, Creatures, Galaxies, Universes, Paradises, Heaven, Life, Persons, Minds, Beings, Things, Places, Time, Spaces and any and all realites temporary or permanent, of which name I AM & Also Known as: Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone Childreamia Quascientry Zepitron Eternal Infinite Spirit Mind Person.

This penalty will be imposed immediately.

Prison, Retribution, Fines, Rehabilitaion, Re-education, Transfer & Placement notices will be sent by the ZEPITRON UNIVERSAL ALMIGHTY ABSOLUTE POLICE FORCE & DEPARTMENT.


January 16, 2016 1:00 PM MST USA URANTIA – Nebaon – Orvonton

Case Docket # 62-008100 12.16.1962.6:18 AM.MST.USA.NORTHAMERICA.606.Urantia

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CodeWorkZepitron®, Inc. ZepitronCodeWorks®, Inc.

<send://halt#8=x×z?> <search://server#8=all×local+xyz?>

CodeWorkZepitron®, Inc. ZepitronCodeWorks®, Inc.

Copyright© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen
Copyright© 2016 MAJICPC®
Copyright© 2016 Majestone

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Creation Protection Publication Proof®©

I created a new element of absolutely magnificent miraculously mysterious & tremendously immensely valuable proportions. It is called “ZEPITRONIUM®©”.
COPYRIGHT®©2016.14.01 Created & Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone®© 3:34 PM M.S.T. U.S.A. URANTIA SATANIA NORLATIADEK NEBADON ORVONTON – SuperMaster Universe *Patented by ‘Paradise Club Holders Association, Inc.’

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Including Nebadon in the Ultimate Plans of Childreamia

I am giving name & title to Michael of Nebadon, which includes his Local Universe Divine Mother and Holy Spirit “Mechalona”, of one special series of 3 Satellites of Childreamia.

One Primary satellite world, one secondary satellite world and also one tertiary world of “Finalia of Eternia of Childreamia”.

The number of the worlds and the names chosen will be announced soon.

Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone – Father & Creator of Childreamia (Outer space level galaxies)

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